Audiotonique - YouTube Promotor Channel Policy

YouTube content creators and video uploaders can use our music that has formerly been purchased from major download stores (Bandcamp, iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Google Play, Traxsource, Junodownload..) in their videos.

A Content ID match will automatically be applied to videos using our music - which solely states that our company monitors and controls copyright of the audio used in your video. This does not affect your channel in any way! It solely ensures that original copyright and intellectual property of appropriate artist will be handled fair and that artists will receive their part of the money generated through advertisements shown in the videos.

Please credit our music by adding the following description:

Artist Name + Title:
Video Link: (Search for the Audiotonique video of the track)
Download/Stream link/s to iTunes, Beatport, Bandcamp, Spotify..
Label Channel:
Artist Social link(s):

You can use the links provided in the original video/s from our YouTube channel.

You expressively agree to not claim any copyright nor try to monetize the content yourself.
If Content-ID matches are disputed and you have not received permission to upload our music, we are forced by YouTube to place a strike on the video.

In the following cases, we will block a video worldwide: (This is not a Strike and will not affect your channel in any way)
- The video is posted before the release is posted to the Official Audiotonique channel.
- The video includes filesharing links.
- The video includes edited original music (ie. Bass Boosted - This is not how the artists intended for their music to be heard. Please respect that.).

Thank you for your support!

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